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Trinity Baptist Church

Vacaville, CA

Located on 2.5 acres, Trinity Baptist Church was established in September of 1960, and is nestled in an older neighborhood of Vacaville..


When the Church was able to buy a large pre-engineered building for almost no cost, they eagerly bought it. The firm's involvement with Trinity began with, “We have this building

and need a permit”.


Working closely with the City of Vacaville, we developed a new master plan for the site that included the new building. The Church's plan was to use half of the building as a gymnasium and the other half used as a two-story class-

room/meeting space. The project would also include an addition for a commercial-grade kitchen.


The new master plan included all that was required of the first phase, and allowed for a new sanctuary addition and the reconstruc-

tion of the church’s offices.


Currently, the new multi-use building has been completed and the parking has been reconstructed.   A new coffee bar has been added and the bookstore is built. The final phase for the office and sanctuary has been permitted, and fundraising is underway.

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